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Our Toyota Khyber Motors parts department has a comprehensive selection of car parts and accessories at competitive prices. We are your Toyota Genuine part specialist. We have tires, mufflers, rims, brakes, mirrors, gauges, air conditioning parts, floor mats, transmissions, engine parts, bumpers, grilles, and hoods - everything your vehicle could ever need.

The Toyota Khyber Motors auto parts department is ready to serve all your needs for Toyota auto parts. With our huge parts inventory. We are here for you and will take your calls anytime to answer question you might have about proper fit.

Facts About Genuine Parts

1. Perfect Fit and Quality
2. One Year factory warranty (Back by Toyota)
3. Any Toyota Dealership in the Nation will take a "warranty" return on behalf of Toyota.
4. Our aggressive Pricing allows us to be competitive to Aftermarket knock-offs if not better priced
5. Genuine Parts last longer and can take more punishment over Aftermarket knock-offs

Contact Us
Phone: 091 2586938